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Dinamica Ballet "PRIMA" Home Ballet Barre
Dinamica Ballet "PRIMA" Home Ballet Barre

Dinamica Ballet "PRIMA" Home Ballet Barre

Dinamica Ballet "PRIMA" Home Ballet Barre
Dinamica Ballet "PRIMA" Home Ballet Barre
Dinamica Ballet "PRIMA" Home Ballet Barre

Home ballet barre, pinewood

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The PRIMA home ballet barre has been created for personal use. It’s suitable for adults and children and is also a popular piece of equipment for workouts using a barre. Light and portable for a single user to move around the house, the PRIMA is also a firm and sturdy ballet barre.

Two wide flat feet provide the stability for the PRIMA. You’ll feel confident using the home ballet barre without concern for it toppling over. In addition, rubber stoppers on the bottom of the feet prevent floors from being scratched or marked, making it suitable to use in any room of your house.

We build the PRIMA with the same materials as our line of professional barres. The feet and uprights are in steel to give you a strong and long lasting ballet barre. But unlike other home ballet barres on the market, we’re committed to providing you with a wooden beam. The PRIMA’s Southern yellow pine wood bar is preferred by users for its superior feel over metal. We’ve also given the bar a 40 mm diameter to ensure the PRIMA can be comfortably used by adults and children alike.

The PRIMA is delivered as a flat pack and is easy to assemble. All you need is a screwdriver and some spare time and our easy to follow instructions will guide you through assembly. The PRIMA has no moving parts that would wear out over time which makes for a practical, long lasting home ballet barre you can use every day of the week.

  • One Southern yellow pine bar included (smoothed and unvarnished).

  • Short 1.5 or 2 metre wooden bar.

  • Reduced weight for maximum portability.

  • Steel uprights and bases in epoxy coated silver for extra scratch resistance.

  • Easy to assemble.

The goods’ warranty is for 2 years,  (except the misuse or improper installation)

The shipping cost of the product differs from the amount generated by the website! Expected delivery time 15 workdays.

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