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Social responsability

Our company, Revoltade Kft., today known as iDancestore, was founded in 1998 with the primary goal of meeting the needs of dancers and giving them access to quality dance shoes and dance clothes.

It is no coincidence that we, the founders of the company, are also former dancers, choreographers and ballet masters of the Hungarian National Ballet, while the shop's team consists of former and currently active dancers of the Madách Theater and leading Budapest theaters and troupes.

Thanks to our professional dancing career and stage experience, we are well aware of the real needs of dancers, choreographers, and costume designers, and we feel that we can contribute to their dancing and artistic success with our knowledge.

Since the world of dance has always been very important to us, our company, Revoltade Kft., often participates in popularizing the importance of dance throughout the country, supporting ballet and dance performances, competitions, young choreographers, summer training courses, dance meetings, dance-related films and magazines.

In addition to these, we often help young dance students with their wing rehearsals. Our dedicated team is constantly developing, learning and trying to follow the needs of the dance world and supports all existing forms of dance art.

József Cserta, Merlo P. Andrea, Gyöngyvér Ladányi

founders and owners

The supporting work of Revoltade Kft.:

- Financial and professional support for the performances of the Hungarian National Ballet Foundation.

- Supporting the implementation of productions by beginning choreographers.

- Official partner and supporter of the National Association of Dance Teachers.

- Support for participation in international performances and competitions.

- Support for future dancers of the Hungarian University of Dance.

- We have been in partnership with the country's ballet schools for more than two decades.

- Substantial support for outstanding young dance artists.

- Supporting the production of dance films.

- Supporting the production of numerous photo materials promoting the art of dance.

Few example from our partners: Hungarian State Opera House, Hungarian Academy of Dance, Hungarian National Ballet Institute, Győr Ballet, Szeged Contemporary Ballet, Székesfehérvár Ballet Theatre, Pécs Ballet, Madách Theatre, Thália Theatre, József Katona Theatre, Budapest Operett Theatre, Sopron Ballet, Central Theatre, Kecskemét City Ballet, Roxínház, Éva Duda Company, Budapest Dance Theater, Inversedance-Zoltán Fodor Company, Győr Dance and Fine Arts Institute, Pécs High School of Arts and SZKI, Madách Dance and Performing Arts Vocational High School and AMI, VargaBallet, Ladybird dance school, Aleszja and Vladimir Classical Ballet Dance Studio, Dance Studio Nagy-Kuthy, Mirandolina Foundation, Dance City Center.......etc , the list is not exhaustive.